October 20, 1923 - Belmont Park

Two-time American champion and eventual Hall of Fame member Zev, with legendary jockey Earl Sande up, waits patiently for the start of his match race with Epsom Derby winner Papyrus

The race itself, known as “The International”, was unique for it’s time. It marked the first time that an Epsom Derby winner had faced a Kentucky Derby winner, and it was the first time that a major European horse had crossed to America for a match race. Promoters of the event went all out for it, charging seven times the normal ticket price, and selling the rights to film the race to Pathe for a reported $50,000

The hype worked, and fans turned out in plenty. It was not a full house, the bad weather and high ticket prices driving some away, but the infield was packed. The track itself was a sea of mud, but some eager fans had camped out since the early morning 

As for the race, it was generally accepted to have been disappointing. Many British fans felt that their horse was at a huge disadvantage following his transatlantic voyage, combined with the fact that he had never raced on dirt before. Further, Papyrus had been equipped with ordinary racing plates, while Zev wore special “mud caulks”. Predictably, Zev skipped over the track to win by five lengths, while Papyrus struggled miserably through the stretch. 

In another remarkable first, fans who had missed the race in person were able to view the film in theaters, some as soon as the next day. Pathe had set up 30 cameras around the track, and they edited the film the evening following the race.The first official showing of the film took place in New York on Sunday evening, and it was soon distributed worldwide. (The entire 20-minute film can viewed here)

The First International was a triumph for the American horse, but all agreed that it was not a true test. In the words of sports writer N. W. Baxter: This was a triumph, but it was not the sort of thing to bring men’s hearts into their mouths, not make their spirits rise. The contest lived up to neither expectations nor the occasion”

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